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I Can See Into Your Future

My crystal ball tells me you will be watching the Positively Fresno show this Wednesday, January the 6th at 11:00AM on the Central Valley Talk YouTube channel or Facebook Live. I also can predict you will learn about two artists Camacho83 and Liquor Store Mike who have huge talents for what is relevant and street. You will also meet a roller-skating queen named Miki Sixx and she makes skating on eight wheels look easy.

There is also some very exciting news about Fresno being the location for the Undercover Billionaire Show on Discovery Channel. For the last three months the Discovery Channel has been filming here secretly and I know where. I have been invited to the secret location to film for Positively Fresno. I will be uploading my videos to share with you the footage on my Instagram page and Positively Fresno YouTube channel.

Now lets get back to predicting your future. It appears the universe will be on your side. All of the uphill battles you have been experiencing will subside and you will regain your footing for smooth sailing into next week.

I'll see you soon Fresno!

Jenine Klein

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