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I Dare You.

Updated: Jan 21

What does CBD, Puff Corn, Healing Crystals and Car Shows have in common?

Basically nothing..., but they will be my topics of discussion on the next Positively Fresno show.

These four guests are all unique in their own way. I will be hosting Nelson Hemp Farm, Grandma's Old Fashioned Puff Corn, Full Moon Boutique and Car Scene Fresno. This weeks Positively Fresno show on January 20, 2021 at 11:00 AM will live stream on Central Valley Talk YouTube channel and Facebook Live.

Meet the guests:

Brandon Nelson with First Street Apothecarium and Nelson Hemp Farm is local hemp grower. The hemp farm is USA organically grown, non-GMO and third party tested. If you are a CBD novice find out the differences between CBD and THC. Plus the medical uses and benefits of CBD. First Street Apothecarium also has food products, body rubs, capsules, pet treats and much more.

Shirley Nellon founder and chef of Grandma's Old Fashioned Gourmet Puff Corn Butter Bunches. This puff corn is different then regular popcorn. It is great because it doesn't get stuck in your teeth and it tastes phenomenal with twenty-two different flavors. You will absolutely fall in love with Shirley and her Butter Bunches.

Full Moon Boutique is a locally owned crystal community. The healing stones are a holistic approach to treating and finding inner peace, energy, center gravity and many more positive powers. Full Moon Boutique ships their crystals all over the world and they have a passion for sharing the crystals healing powers to help people find what they need to empower their personal life.

Scott Holmes from Car Scene Fresno is a local car enthusiast that promotes meeting places for people who share his passion for all things cars. Each location he posts on is hosted by various businesses and usually have prizes and giveaways for the best looking ride on the street.

Now for my dare.

I dare you to do something to impact a person in a positive way before my next show on January 27, 2021. Don't be a chicken and make me double dare you.

I'll see you soon Fresno!

Jenine Paniccia Klein

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