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What does being positive mean to you?

There are a bazillion affirmations out there giving us emotional support and encouragement. They can be found on signs in houses, restaurants and memes to throw a few options out there. Well guess what? I have one for you too.

Being positive

doesn't mean you

are happy all the time.

It means even on the

dark days you truly

believe brighter days

are ahead.

This one in particular is relevant to Positively Fresno, because through my interviews of the people from our Central Valley. I have learned each guest is taking on new challenges to better themselves, their business, their art and their community. I have noticed the resilience of each person doing what is necessary to keep their dreams alive during quarantine. Not only are they doing what is necessary now, but also looking ahead to the future to innovate and create. Stay positive Central Valley, brighter days are ahead.

Ill see you soon Fresno!

Jenine Paniccia Klein

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