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What is Positively Fresno?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Positively Fresno has been created to celebrate the beautiful City of Fresno, California. I moved away from my hometown of Fresno and I would get asked occasionally where I was from originally? I replied "Fresno." I then, would get a look of bewilderment and judgment from impolite people. Sometimes they would say, " I'm sorry" as if it was some sort of tragedy to be from Fresno. The condolences would even come from a person who had never even visited the Central Valley.
Positively Fresno is the way I decided to showcase this wonderful city to the rest of the world through my photography on Instagram @positivelyfresno and Positively Fresno Show on Central Valley Talk.
I'll see you soon Fresno.
Jenine Klein
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